Yamaha Motorcycles


Yamaha Motor Company is a Japanese motorcycle company based in Iwata, Japan. This brand is a specialist in the manufacture of motorcycles, quads, outboard motors, jet skis, etc. Yamaha has been established since 1955 and has become a leading brand in the motorcycle industry.

Yamaha motorcycle categories

In this list, you will find the main categories of Yamaha motorcycles. If you want more information
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The Yamaha brand is synonymous with excellence in all the products it makes, mainly in its motorcycles. Yamaha has been and continues to be one of the brands preferred by high-performance professional athletes, such as Moto GP riders, motocross riders, extreme stunt riders, etc. That is why Yamaha motorcycles is more than guaranteed as a good motorcycle brand, since they not only manufacture motorcycles for professional athletes, but also bring that excellence to new riders, as well as for amateur or highly experienced riders.


Are Yamaha motorcycles reliable?

Yamaha motorcycles offer safety and quality to all users, it is a brand approved by all the necessary regulatory standards, others that are built with the best, highest quality and safest components on the market, making them a safe option for both drivers’ novices and for the most experts. In surveys of users of different motorcycle brands, it was found that Yamaha motorcycles have the lowest percentage of expected failures for motorcycles in a period of four years.

Brand Percent Failed
Yamaha 11%
Suzuki 12%
Honda 12%
Kawasaki 15%
Victory 17%
Harley-Davidson 26%
Triumph 29%
Ducati 33%
BMW 40%
Can-Am 42%


How much does a Yamaha motorcycle cost?

Yamaha motorcycles have different prices and can vary greatly depending on their category, displacement and components, they adjust to the budgets of each user, providing a high-quality product. Prices can range from $700 to over $15,000 for super bikes from recent years.

How long do Yamaha motorcycles last?

Thanks to the high quality components with which Yamaha motorcycles are built, a long duration in the useful life of the motorcycles is ensured. With good care and proper maintenance, Yamaha motorcycles can last for many years, performing to the best of their abilities.

3 Reasons why Yamaha Motorcycles are the best option to buy


  1. Technology: The new models of Yamaha motorcycles are equipped with high-tech components, which makes the brand position itself as a worldwide sales leader. Some components or features included in Yamaha motorcycles are:

  • Traction Control System
  • Smart Key operation
  • Heated grips and seat
  • cruise-control
  • Adjustable Ergonomics and Aerodynamics seats
  • GPS-navigation
  1. Versatility: One of the best things that Yamaha motorcycles have is the versatility they offer their users, delivering maximum performance for any occasion. Whether it's for a walk, run or transport around the city, Yamaha motorcycles will always be up to your needs.


What sets Yamaha motorcycles apart from the competition?

Yamaha motorcycles offer a versatile use of each of them, whatever the occasion, these motorcycles will give their maximum performance. Thanks to the manufacture of quality components and perfect assemblies, the Japanese brand's products are insurance for any buyer. Motorcycle prices are also an important favor compared to their competition, since they have adjustable prices for each type of buyer.

Yamaha motorcycle are the best option in regard to the price

Many times when buying a new motorcycle, people take into account various factors such as speed, performance, wear, but in most cases the determining factor is the price. In the case of Yamaha motorcycles, this can be an easy decision since the Japanese brand offers different ranges of motorcycles with quality components and excellent guaranteed performance, everything will depend on the use that the driver wants to give them. Whether it's for cruising around town, going at high speeds, going downhill or racing, Yamaha motorcycles are a safe bet.

The best option for new and experienced drivers

Regardless of your level of riding, Yamaha motorcycles will be the best option for you, offering high performance that will adapt to your needs and the way you ride. The brand offers different options from which you can choose to start or continue riding on any terrain.