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Yamaha Cross Country:


  1. Off-road competition motorcycles

    Yamaha cross-country motorcycles offer a number of models intended to be put to the test in high-performance off-road competition. This category offers riders motorcycles that perform at their best on rough terrain, unleashing all their power for the benefit of the user.
  1. Exactly what is Cross Country?

  • Cross Country refers to the classic, short and fast mountain bike circuits, in which this type of motorcycle gets its best performance. On the other hand, there are marathons, which are much longer races where the motorcycle puts the suspension to the test as it is driven on very hard terrain.
  1. Why are Yamaha Cross Country motorcycles the best?

    Since its inception, Yamaha has been characterized by building the best motorcycles for extreme sports, which is why it is the favorite brand of many professionals in the area of extreme sports, as well as the favorite of many sponsors of this type of competition throughout the world.
    Yamaha Cross Country motorcycles guarantee high performance on almost any terrain, however, in the case of this type of competition, its cylinder capacity, engine and suspension are specially designed so that you can get the most out of your motorcycle and that it takes you to the top of the podium.
  1. What is the difference between Motocross and Cross Country?

    The main difference between the two is the distance of the track runs. While in motocross the route is longer and with harder moments due to the difficulty of the road, in cross-country the route is a little shorter, however, in many cases it is usually just as difficult as the motocross tracks.
    Another notable difference is also the displacement, which will depend on the type of competition and on the other hand the size of the tires, since in cross-country they are a little smaller than in motocross, to ensure better grip and greater sensation of speed
  1. The Yamaha Cross Country will take you to the VictorY Zone

    Designed to win, Yamaha Cross Country motorcycles have been created to be the best in their class, giving riders the edge to secure victory. Become the owner of the podium driving these motorcycles, which will give maximum performance to help you beat your rivals.


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