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Yamaha motocross:


  1. What are motocross bikes?

    Motocross bikes are motorcycles used for high performance competitions, in arid and difficult terrain, in which jumps and speed are involved. These bikes come equipped with longer suspension travel compared to other types of bikes for smoother jumps and greater stability while riding on rough terrain.
    This type of Yamaha motorcycle is destined and with the purpose of providing highly competitive motorcycles with very powerful engines to provide maximum performance in any type of competition.
  1. High-performance competitive motorcycles

  • Yamaha motorcycles intended for motocross are an emblem of the brand, since the majority of high-performance professional athletes use the motorcycles of this brand to compete, this speaks of the great quality that Yamaha offers to its customers and specifically to those who are looking to compete on circuits with sandy, dirt or very muddy terrain.
  1. Yamaha YZ450F, a driver favorite

    For the new 2022 YZ450F, Yamaha builds on the class-leading performance of its flagship motocross machine by reducing unstrung weight through the adoption of a lighter rear wheel assembly and drivetrain parts, contributing to more responsive handling.
    With the traditional YZ450F strengths of exceptional power delivery, class-defining suspension performance and characteristic strong, precise handling character, all retained or enhanced, the result is a motorcycle now even better equipped to dominate the competition.
  1. Benefits of Yamaha motocross bikes

    This category of bikes is designed to win races with the best power delivery and suspension performance. The bikes have a distinctive rear-inclined cylinder design, and are powered by a compact, liquid-cooled, 450cc four-stroke engine, providing a wide power band as well as exceptional controllability.
  1. Are you ready to reach the VictorY zone?

    With Yamaha motocross bikes, you always have the opportunity to give your all in any competition. These models are synonymous with victory, so you will always have an advantage over your competitors, you just have to make good use of them , and it will guarantee you to always be at the top of the podium.


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