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Yamaha Sport Heritage:


  1. What is the Yamaha sport heritage category?

    The Sport Heritage category was born to commemorate and pay tribute to great and relevant models from the brand's past. In this way, the aesthetics of old and classic models are used with improved power. In this way, the most veteran drivers will be able to have better versions of those old classics that made them fall in love at the time.
  1. What advantages do Sport Heritage motorcycles have?

  • This type of Yamaha motorcycles presents the user with motorcycles that look like old successes of the brand with better components and much more power. This category is aimed at a more specific audience, which seeks to have motorcycles with an old or vintage look, but with current specifications.
  1. Why are the Yamaha sport heritage so popular?

    This occurs mainly for those old cyclists, who have probably started riding a motorcycle in one of the old models that this category offers. Also, because there are numerous collectors and lovers of classic motorcycles who would love to have a more updated model of those great successes of Yamaha motorcycles.


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Sport Heritage