Yamaha YZ250FX Review

Yamaha YZ250FX: A Comprehensive Review of This Motorcycle

The Yamaha YZ250FX is a popular trail-conquering motorcycle offered by NCY Motorsports, a Yamaha dealer in San Diego. It is a versatile and high-performing bike that has been in production for 48 years. The 2024 model has received several updates, including new body styling, improved ergonomics, upgraded brakes and suspension, and new tires.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Yamaha YZ250FX is a popular and reliable trail-conquering motorcycle.
  • The 2024 model has received updates in bodywork, suspension, brakes, and tires.
  • It offers a smooth powerband and lightweight feel for easy maneuverability.
  • The YZ250FX has a 48-year production history and continuous improvements.
  • It is a top choice for riders seeking performance and reliability on the trails.

What's New on the 2024 Yamaha YZ250FX?

The 2024 Yamaha YZ250FX incorporates a range of updates and improvements, setting it apart from its previous model. One of the most noticeable changes can be seen in its new bodywork, which includes a fresh seat, front and rear fenders, radiator shrouds/louvers, side panels, airbox, subframe, and fuel tank.

Furthermore, the YZ250FX's suspension system has been enhanced with new internals and revised settings. These modifications result in better damping force and a stiffer spring rate, enhancing the bike's overall performance and handling capabilities.

The braking system has received notable upgrades as well. The 2024 YZ250FX boasts a larger front caliper piston, increased caliper rigidity, larger brake pads, and a larger front disc. These improvements translate into enhanced braking power and increased control over the motorcycle.

Lastly, Yamaha has also made adjustments to the drive components of the YZ250FX. The bike now features a lighter rear sprocket and chain, reducing unsprung weight and further enhancing its overall agility.

2024 Yamaha YZ250F

Engine Performance of the Yamaha YZ250FX

The Yamaha YZ250FX is equipped with a powerful two-stroke engine known for its exceptional performance. With its smooth powerband and manageable power characteristics, this engine offers riders a thrilling yet controllable riding experience.

The engine of this motorcycle delivers a smooth bottom-end pull, providing instant acceleration and responsiveness when you need it most. It has a broad midrange, offering ample power and torque for tackling challenging off-road trails.

In comparison to its competitors, the Yamaha YZ250FX offers a slightly shorter top-end, making it ideal for riders who prioritize quick bursts of speed and nimble maneuverability. It strikes a perfect balance between RPM excitement and smoothness, giving riders the confidence to push their limits.

The Yamaha YZ250FX is equipped with a Keihin PWK 38S carburetor that ensures crisp and immediate throttle response, enabling precise control in any riding condition. The 2024 model also features a reduction in intake airflow resistance, further enhancing the overall performance of the engine.

Suspension and Handling of the Yamaha YZ250FX

The Yamaha YZ250FX is equipped with a high-performance suspension system that ensures superior handling and stability on various terrains. It features the renowned KYB Speed Sensitive System (SSS) forks, known for their exceptional performance and adjustability. The 2024 model has been upgraded with improved internals and revised settings, resulting in stronger damping force and enhanced comfort.

The suspension of the YZ250FX provides a balanced and stable ride, allowing riders to tackle corners with confidence. The KYB SSS forks offer precise control and responsiveness, while the fully adjustable KYB shock further enhances the bike's overall performance and handling.

The chassis of the Yamaha YZ250FX is designed to offer exceptional balance, making it effortless to maneuver and carve corners. Its lightweight construction contributes to its agility and responsive handling, allowing riders to navigate through tight turns and challenging terrains with ease.

2024 Yamah YZ250F Rear view

Key Features of the Yamaha YZ250FX:

  • High-performance KYB Speed Sensitive System (SSS) forks
  • Fully adjustable KYB shock
  • Upgraded internals and revised settings for stronger damping force
  • Exceptional balance for effortless cornering
  • Lightweight construction for enhanced maneuverability

With its advanced suspension system and exceptional handling capabilities, the Yamaha YZ250FX provides riders with a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience. Whether navigating through tight trails or conquering off-road tracks, this trail-conquering motorcycle delivers impressive performance, balance, and stability.

Brakes and Tires of the Yamaha YZ250FX

The 2024 Yamaha YZ250FX is equipped with upgraded brakes and high-quality tires that enhance its performance and handling on various terrains.

Improved Braking Power

The YZ250FX features upgraded front and rear brakes that provide improved stopping power.

  1. The front brake is designed with a larger piston size and increased caliper rigidity, ensuring better brake-pad contact and increased braking performance.
  2. The front disc has a larger surface area, allowing for optimized heat absorption during intense riding sessions, maintaining consistent braking performance.
  3. The rear brake benefits from a new caliper and hanger configuration, reducing unsprung weight and enhancing the overall braking performance of the motorcycle.


High-Quality Tires for Enhanced Traction

The Yamaha YZ250FX is equipped with Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires, known for their race-ready traction and performance.

  • The Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires provide superior traction on a variety of terrains, ensuring the rider has excellent control and confidence.
  • These high-quality tires replace the previous MX52 tires and are designed to offer enhanced grip and stability, enabling riders to navigate challenging trails with ease.

The combination of upgraded brakes and high-quality tires on the 2024 Yamaha YZ250FX ensures excellent braking performance and traction, allowing riders to push the limits of their off-road adventures.


Yamaha YZ250FX Ergonomics and Comfort

The 2024 Yamaha YZ250FX is designed with updated bodywork that prioritizes rider comfort and ergonomics. The new seat, front and rear fender, and radiator shrouds contribute to a flatter and narrower rider cockpit, providing a more modern and comfortable riding experience. The revamped subframe, fuel tank, and seat collaborate to create a flatter seat profile, allowing riders to sit "on the bike" rather than "in the bike."

The enhanced ergonomics of the Yamaha YZ250FX contribute to improved rider control and maneuverability. This allows riders to easily move around on the bike, finding their optimal riding position and maintaining stability. The balanced and streamlined design of the motorcycle enhances overall comfort and reduces rider fatigue, enabling riders of all skill levels to enjoy a comfortable and exhilarating off-road experience.

With its updated bodywork, flatter seat profile, and ergonomic design, the Yamaha YZ250FX offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for riders seeking optimal comfort and control on any terrain. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, the Yamaha YZ250FX is designed to provide the utmost comfort and allow you to ride with confidence.


If you are look for a all terrain motorcycle, then the Yamha YZ250FX it's you choice!

The 2024 model introduces updates in bodywork, suspension, brakes, and tires, elevating its overall performance and handling. The smooth powerband, combined with its lightweight feel and exceptional balance, provides an enjoyable riding experience in a variety of terrains.

In terms of ergonomics and comfort, the Yamaha YZ250FX excels with its excellent design and rider-friendly features. The bike ensures a comfortable and pleasurable ride, allowing riders to fully immerse themselves in their off-road adventures.

Furthermore, the Yamaha YZ250FX boasts compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket parts, allowing riders to enhance performance and customize their motorcycles according to their preferences. This versatility and innovation make the Yamaha YZ250FX a trail-conquering motorcycle that continuously impresses riders with its performance, reliability, and capabilities.