Yamaha Dirtbike

Guide to Choosing Your First dirt Yamaha bike

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has had some practice, choosing between the Yamaha motorcycles for your first dirt bike is one of the best choices you can make. Since this brand offers you a wide variety of models that adapt to your years of experience. Not to mention, they are a trusted brand in this market too. However, there are other factors that you should consider before making your purchase with a Yamaha dealer.



Are you an expert or a newbie?

It’s the first thing you have to consider when buying your first dirt bike, your level of experience, and your skills behind the wheel. And no, it doesn’t count that you have ridden your best friend's sports bike once. You have to earn a decent experience on dirt bike terrain, on trails, and obviously on dirt. Therefore, before making your purchase, we recommend that it’s best to borrow a dirt bike or even rent one for a while to gain skills.

Consider your weight and height

All pilots are different when it comes to the ratio of their weight and height, even in the reach of the legs and arms. So having a dirt bike that adapts to all these characteristics is quite tricky. So a good trick is to get to the motorcycle dealer and test the height for yourself.

For this, you have to consider the size of the tire, the engine, and the seat’s height. You'll know when they're perfect for you when both of your feet can firmly touch the ground. And as for the weight, take into account that the agility of your maneuvers will depend on the sum of your weight and that of the bike.



What are the best Yamaha dirt bikes for beginners?

If the above tips to select your motorcycle for beginners have not been apparent to you, below, we show you the best dirt Yamaha motorcycles you can find on the market for beginners and experts.

Yamaha TTR-50

This brand has many pretty good beginner models, the TTR-50 being one of these. It’s designed for young pilots just starting in this world because it allows reliable driving thanks to its four-stroke engine and without the clutch. Something ideal for learning to control the brakes and balance at the same time.

Yamaha YZ125

In demand among newbies to the motocross world, the YZ125 has also won championships since it was introduced to the market. So it's a pretty reliable model, not to mention that it's also very light for your control on the track. And if you've stepped up and want more power, you can get it by rebuilding your engine.

Yamaha YZF-R6

A legend in racing, it is not a special motorcycle for beginners. But those who already have good experience on the road and field want to turn up the power. This model is iconic of the brand, and you can still find a Yamaha R6 for sale in the best dealers.

Do you want to know more about Yamaha Dirt Bikes?

If you want more information about the advantages, price and models of the best Yamaha dirt bikes, visit our ultimate guide on dirt bikes from the Japanese brand! At North County Yamaha, we have the best models of Yamaha Dirt Bikes for all your needs, visit us to schedule a ride test! 

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