Your first dirt bike? Things to have in mind

before choosing your first KTM dirt bike

You will learn what dirt bikes for beginners are the best on the KTM and Yamaha dirt bikes world

If you are an adult man or woman, the wrong first dirt bike you can get, the one you must avoid to start in the sport is to get the biggest engine, but the pros use big engines, you may think, don't you? To begin into this beautiful sport, don't go for a KTM 450cc because the bike it's going to tear you apart, and that is not going to be fun.

Let's start with some main points you need to have in mind before you get your first KTM motorcycle to begin the adventure of the off-road. To choose the ideal dirt bike size, you have to pay attention to plenty of different factors. The main goal is that you are safe and secure on the motorcycle.


Getting your first KTM dirt bike

Here are some good tips for you to make the decision process easier for you so that you get just the perfect dirt bike for yourself. Also, feel free to visit us anytime in San Marcos, CA. and seat on any of our KTM motorcycles models and find out which one is better for you, we are an official KTM dealer.



Engine size

Get something according to your size. But under 250cc, so that you first get accustomed to the motorcycle, even some 125cc, 2-stroke can be excellent to start. Also, because KTM parts or Yamaha are cheaper on 2-stroke motorcycle versions. In general, 2-strokes are going to be always less expensive than 4-strokes. Those bikes have a lot of power to move a 200-pound man, yep! You read it right. It all depends on the rider skills to get all that power inside that little beast. But always remember that good fun is safe fun when it comes to off-road fun, so don't try to pull out all the power of your dirt bike on the first day.

The clutch is your best friend

Either you are 15 years old boy or a 30+ adult, you would want to get used to the clutch system for your first bike. If you have already used it, then pay attention to the size. Again, even though the size is essential, you need to build a solid friendship with your clutch, especially on curves. And this will be a lot easier if you are not trying to move a 450cc bike. Don't try to impress your friends with a large dirt bike and put yourself in danger; eventually, as you get more experienced, you will exchange your toy to a better and maybe a bigger one. We all do that, hehe!



Even when we are not going to talk deep about dirt bikes for kids, if the rider is less than 5 feet and ten-years-old, get him a motorcycle under 110cc range. There are plenty of alternatives with automatic clutches and three-speed transmissions. Is how most pros started. Take a look at this article if you need more info about the best KTM motorcycles for your son or daughter.
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Height is another important factor when you are deciding to get your first dirt bike. It is crucial for your overall comfort and safety while riding the dirt bike. To know if the dirt bike is the perfect fit, sit forward and see if you can touch the ground with your feet. The bike is too small for you if your feet are placed flat on the ground while sitting on the bike. And would put more strain on the suspension, which you would feel after hitting a bump or a rock. The bike is too large for you if you are barely able to stand straight and use your toe tips to find balance. The ideal size? You should be able to put one-third of your foot on the ground so that you are not flat-footed nor struggle to find balance on your toe-tips.




The amount of suspension changes a great deal for beginners who weigh less than 100 pounds and a people weighing 200 pounds. Beginners should see that when they start, the bike should not be too small for them because their weight could end up affecting the suspension. But, at the same time, people learn to ride on smaller bikes a lot faster than taller rides. Bike riders who weigh 150 pounds or less, get a dirt bike under 250cc, and first get used to the bike's height and weight. For bigger riders, a better choice would be to get a 250 cc bike so that it not only has sufficient suspension but gives a comfortable ride. In the end, experience matters a lot. No matter you are bulky or taller. For a newbie, a 450cc might be too much, wait, not might, is too much, but going above 250cc is an excellent adventure for those who have become used to riding dirt bikes, and they have acquired a lot of experience. Although, if you are not thinking of becoming a pro rider, you will notice that be on the 250cc range is the best place to be to get fun. Keeping these considerations in mind, you would undoubtedly be successful in getting just the right bike for yourself.

What are some good options for you to get into the dirt bike world

  •  Yamaha WR250. It’s an amazing bulletproof bike with great front forks.
  • Yamaha YZ125, 2-strokes. Also bulletproof with great forks. This bike will help you to master your clutch and use the power of the engine.
  • KTM 150 XC-W or KTM 200 XC-W, 2-strokes. With these bikes, you will learn very easy and are excellent for race riding.
  • KTM 250 XC-F, 4 strokes. The favorite 4-strokes on our KTM line of many clients and excellent to start learning.
  • Yamaha YZ250FX – 4 strokes, another good one if Yamaha is what you are looking for.

This list doesn't mean that these dirt bikes are the only ones you should look at to get your first bike. There are also good Hondas or Maico dirt bikes out there, but if you feel more in tune with Yamaha and KTM motorcycles styles, this list is a good starting reference point. Feel free to contact us or visit our KTM dealer in San Marcos, CA. We are here to help you out with choosing the best Yamaha or KTM motorcycle to make your weekend unforgettable! Have fun and safe rides!